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It is an environmentally friendly stove that is very suitable for hikers to directly burn the dead branches and leaves that have been eliminated from the natural environment. After burning, there is almost no residue left, only a small amount of white ashes, which has maximized the care of the earth..
This pocket stove made of electrolytic galvanized steel is always there when you need it.It is suitable for cups, pots and pans. 2 cooking positions.Extremely robust and reliableSolid fuel tablets can be stored in the stoveLight and easy to store; handy pocket sizeSize packed ideally smallEasy handl..
Pocket folding stove :The simple and stable furnace is made of durable thick galvanized iron plate; it can be folded into a small size, extremely strong and reliableVersatility: can be used with a variety of fuels, including biofuels (not included)Product size: 98*75*19mmBurning block :The set comes..
Made of high-quality metal materials, it has the characteristics of anti-rust, sturdiness, can withstand higher weight and temperature, and is durable. The serrated arm design can enhance the grip and slip resistance of the cooker, making it more stable and firmer.Connect the gas tank, open the gas ..
Brand: Apple
Large stove can bamboo charcoalStainless steel outdoor stove. Easy to assemble, detachable and put into a storage bag, you can take it on the go, satisfying your light travel.The sturdy 304 stainless steel construction creates a stable platform for your cookware that is extremely durable. Die-castin..
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