Hong Kong's Best Stargazing Glamping Hotspot

1. Liufushan Mingle Fishing Village


Mingle Fishing Village is one of the originators of the Glamping industry in Hong Kong. It is located in Lau Fau Shan, Yuen Long. It offers 4 different types of Glamping accommodations, namely camping van, blowing camp, SPOD camping van and Bozi camp, all with air conditioning and heating. If you are a couple or a family, you can find the most suitable residents. The most special one of them is the fully transparent Bozi Camp. After nightfall, you can watch the stars unobstructed at 360 degrees, which is extremely romantic! SPOD is like a mini holiday house, with full beds, dining room, bathroom and kitchen, etc., suitable for families.

2. Lau Fau Shan Baini Tribe


The Baini tribe, also located in Lau Fau Shan, has just been refurbished in July 2020, with brand new equipment. After the reopening, there are 3 types of tents to choose from, including yurt camp, tribal camp and sailing camp. Pets can also be accommodated. The tents are all equipped with heating and cooling. The camp has an open kitchen, trampoline, sand pool, paddling pool and children’s play Visitors can book barbecue packages for BBQ at the campsite. If you want to go out for a walk, you can go to Xia Pak Nai Ya Tsai Bay to watch the sunset, Nan Sang Wai, Hong Kong Wetland Park, etc. are all nearby. It is also very convenient to visit the surroundings.

3. Park Nature, Yuen Long


The Park Nature Camp in Kam Tin, Yuen Long, mainly provides high-end campervans. It covers an area of ​​40,000 square feet. There is a large grass field for children to cut off the electricity. Other facilities are very new. It only took half a year for trial operation. Their campervan is a more spacious type, with two bedrooms, one living room and bathroom. There are three large windows and a curved ceiling window in the room. You can watch the sun, moon and stars from the bed, and the living room dining table can be transformed into It's an electric sparrow station too! In addition to barbecues in the camp, you can also choose their Thai restaurant and outdoor bar carts. There are plenty of activities in the camp throughout the day without going out.

4. Mount Pokfulam Youth Hostel


I have already gone to Mount Fellowship with the school to camp. I believe you will be familiar with Pokfulam Jockey Club Moring Youth Hostel. They are located in the middle of the mountain and the scenery is really super beautiful! In recent years, they have launched a "fing-fing with two hands to go camping" package. Only a few hundred mosquitoes for every two people, the hostel will set up a camp screen for everyone in the wild, and put pillows, mattresses, camp lights and camping tables. You don’t need to prepare chairs and so on. You can check in with your bags. Visitors can also enjoy the youth hostel’s bathroom and kitchen facilities. The price has included two DIY breakfast ingredients for everyone to show off their cooking skills. Dinner may wish to BBQ at their barbecue site what.

5. Galaxy Garden, Lantau Island


Pui O, Lantau Island, is a hot spot for outings in Hong Kong. There are also many campsites here. The star garden to be introduced is the inflatable bubble house. Each room can accommodate up to 7 people. The equipment inside is suitable. The tent has only a transparent design on the top, so that visitors can maintain privacy, and they can see the stars in the sky at night, which is very intimate. The camp also has a paddling pool and children's playground equipment, and family trips are also absolutely suitable.

6. Davis Youth Hostel Ngong Ping, Lantau


Friends who like hiking and camping should be familiar with the camps of the Hong Kong Youth Hostel Association. And their YHA Ngong Ping Davis Youth Hostel in Lantau Island, the most introduced Bell Tent round tent camp, high water-proof hemp-colored tent, very bohemian style, play exotic, each camp tent for up to 6 For people staying in, basic supplies such as pillows, quilts, coffee table lockers, camp lamps and so on are already available. You can take the Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung, get off the bus and walk for about 15 minutes, it's really convenient!

Hong Kong's Best Seaview Glamping Hotspot

7. Sai Kung Pak Sha O Youth Hostel


Glamping is also simple to order BBQ and stargazing? Those who like natural ecology must visit Baishaao, Lower West Page. The local Baishaao Youth Hostel also provides glamping of the wild dome tent in addition to the camping house. It takes about 20 minutes to walk down the road from the camp. You will arrive at the famous Haixiawan Marine Park, where you can snorkel and watch the corals and the mangroves. A little further away is the sedimentary rock landform of the Lichi Village.

8. Cheung Chau West Park


It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Cheung Chau Pier to West Garden, the most popular Glamping camp in Hong Kong. They provide five theme camps, and there are more than 40 independent camps, which are relatively large camps. Themed camping includes yurts, South African camps, Indian camps, and the most popular star-gazing arches. Stay in the tent and you can enjoy the sea view, sunrise and sunset, star watching and moon watching. In addition, the camp’s workshops are also very diverse, such as adventure activities, tree-top rope nets, rappelling experience, African drums and handicraft workshops, etc., which can be reserved for tourists, even if they don’t leave the camp. Boring kiss.

9. Long high and long shore on Lantau Island


If you like water sports and want to Glamping by the way, you can't miss the Langgao Changan Camp next to Changsha Beach. They also provide camping tents, camper vans, and various water activities. Visitors can rent canoes, surfboards, surfboards, windsurfing and other equipment, and they can also enjoy sunny beaches while camping. In addition, the price of the reservation includes American breakfast, and their own barbecue set menu is also very popular.

10. Pui O Camper Club, Lantau


The location of Pui O Camping Car Club is next to Pui O Beach, a campsite with a high rate of online check-in in Hong Kong. All because of the beautiful environment and convenient transportation. There are two restaurants on the opposite side of the camp. The camp also has its own restaurant, and it is only a few steps to walk to the beach to watch the sunrise and sunset. There is a small farm next to the camp, where you can feed white rabbits and lambs, and visitors can also bring their own pet dogs to stay with.

11. Haiying Beach, Lantau Island


The Haiying Beach in Changsha, Lantau Island is more luxurious than other similar equipment. The camper has a double bed, air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, wifi and kitchenette. The camp also provides shakers, beach chairs, and children's balance bikes. As soon as the door of the campervan is opened, there is a spacious grassland. With the scenery of Changsha coast, palm trees, pavilions, etc., it really makes people enjoy the vacation in the field, which is very suitable for clocking in.