Novice Camping Guide

Camp selection
First of all, camp selection is very important, and not all camps are suitable for camping novices, it is best to start from the shallower to the deeper. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department has 41 designated camps:
Liushuixiang Camp,
Heyao Camp,
Chungbei Camp,
Sanyayong Camp
, Dongpingzhou Camp,
Wanchai South Camp,
Wanchai West Camp,
Zhangshang Camp,
Houtangxi Camp
, Datan Camp,
Huangshi Camp,
Beitan Ao Camp
West Wan
Ke Wan Camp
Bai La Camp
Yuan Wu Fen (Nan Feng Wan) Camp
Sun Kwu Wan Camp
Yi Ting Camp
Shui Lang Wo Camp
Ngong Ping Camp (Ma On Shan)
Dong Lung Chau Camp
Lead Mine Au Camp
Rotary Park Camp
Tsuen Kam Camp
Ho Pui Camp
Tian Fu Tsai Camp
Nan Shan Camp
Bai Fu Tian Camp
Shi Long Camp
Luo Kei Wan Camp
Shek Lam Chau Camp
Tai Long Wan Camp
Kou Ling Chung Camp
Wan Zhang Bu Camp
Nga Ying Kok Camp
Jian Yu Wan Camp
Ngong Ping Camp (Lantau Island)
Lower Au Camp
Shek Pik Camp
Salt There are 2
camps in the

Leisure and Cultural Services Department at Da Mong Tsai Camp in Tianwan :
Pui O Camp
Chong Hing Water Sports Center

These camps are suitable for novices.

Camping supplies are ready to
usually see people go to camping to carry a big backpack, it seems to be a lot of belts, do you need to bring a belt?
1. Tent
2. Replacement of clothing
3. Sleeping bag
4. Floor mat
5. Stove
6. Fuel
7. Stove windshield
8. Camp light
9. Headlight
10. Stove
11. Tableware is
best to check before you go Hey, it’s troublesome to find out if you don’t bring it first.