After the beginning of autumn, the cool autumn mood came immediately, the editor announced: the camping season is officially Kick-off! Especially during the anti-epidemic period, the desire to travel abroad is very likely to fail. Hong Kong people who want to relax and relax may wish to be a novice camper and come to an autumn camping to relieve the tension of the body and mind!

The editor loves playing games with nature. No matter when camping in any season, professional and portable equipment is essential. According to the editor’s experience, in addition to main meals, water, flashlights, folding knives, mosquito repellent water, clothes, lighting, and cooking utensils, the most important thing is to have a tent that will make you "live in peace" in order to experience "living It’s the best enjoyment of "comfortable camping".

There are many shops selling camping tents, but the quality and price vary. If you are looking for a cost-effective tent, you may wish to pay attention to the following introduction and find a "home" that matches your personality.

Camping can spend time in the wild with friends, or go out alone and enjoy a personal space for meditation. When you go camping alone, the most important thing is to save unnecessary materials, try to empty your backpack, reduce the load, and make the journey easier. This Junye tribe camouflage fully automatic MasterTool- single tent can be automatically set up in 3 seconds. It can be used as soon as it is opened. It is thick and rainproof. It is definitely the best choice for single tents.

If you plan to camp with your family or friends, you need to find a tent with more space. This wolfwalker outdoor automatic tent has plenty of space for activities, is waterproof and has automatic springs. It weighs about 6.32 kg. It’s large and small, so you can enjoy family fun under the spacious tent.

Ladies who want to pursue a more comfortable camping experience should bring an inflatable mattress. No matter whether the tent is built on grass or mud, you only need to bring this portable air mattress with you to avoid "feeling pain" and Universal in all seasons, convenient and lightweight, two air cushions can be pieced together to form a "double bed" to ensure your sleep quality in the wild.

Remember to pay attention to the weather conditions before departure, and also budget for extra supplies, so you can enjoy a different camping time with peace of mind.