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Terms & Conditions

Purchase terms and conditions for Hong Kong deliveries:

Article 1 (protection for both parties)

After payment is confirmed, KWOKWEI will confirm the order within one working day. Customers have to abide by the the rules, policies, terms and conditions of KWOKWEI. KWOKWEI will not deal with any unreasonable demands or requests which against our terms. If customer does not accept our terms and conditions, transaction will be stopped, cancelled or rejected.

Article 2 (payment)

In order to speed up the delivery process, customers have to arrange payment at once after issuing orders to us.

Article 3 (Hong Kong dollars)

PayPal settlement currency is in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). For those credit cards which are not under HKD transaction, please check the exchange rate through PayPal or the relevant banking institution.

Article 4 (surcharges)

Please contact PayPal or the relevant banking institutions if any surcharges incurred related to the transaction. KWOKWEI will not bear the cost of any surcharges.

Article 5 (after order payment)

After the payment is done, customers are not allowed to make any changes or combine order, etc.

Article 6 (shipment)

Under normal circumstances, upon products stock availability, we will arrange deliveries within 1-2 working days after receiving the payments. Delivery service is not applicable to areas that cannot be reached directly by our vehicles. Home delivery is only available up to 3rd floor for apartment without lift. Delivery service will be suspended when typhoon signal No. 8 or above or a black rain warning is hoisted. In this event, customers will be contacted to re-schedule delivery time.

Article 7 (out of stock)

If products are out of stock after payment is successfully processed, we will contact customers directly. Customers can either choose for a refund, change for another products or continue to wait for the products. If products cannot be delivered within 90 days or products are discontinued, payments will be refunded to customers.

Article 8 (peak seasons)

Delay shipments or deliveries may happen during peak seasons or special events. KWOKWEI will not accept order cancellation, changes of order or refund due to shipment delay.

Article 9 (address confirmation)

Delivery address cannot be changed once transaction and payment are successfully processed. Please check your delivery address before order submission. KWOKWEI is not liable of the losses of customers which are caused by incorrect delivery information

Article 10 (product arrival)

Shipments and products will be shipped out under good condition. Please check the product condition upon products arrival. Customers should reject the products if there are any damages or item missing when products arrived. Once delivery orders are signed up by customer or their representatives, KWOKWEI will not have any liability of the damages and losses found afterward.

Article 11 (unsuccessful deliveries )

If customers or their representatives or another other recipients are not in the delivery address stated in the purchase order, customers need to bear the re-delivery charge.

Article 12 (abandoned goods)

Customers cannot reject shipments or deliveries unreasonably. If customers reject the shipments or deliveries without proper and reasonable reason, we will assume that customers abandon their goods. KWOKWEI will not refund or arrange for any re-deliveries.

Section 13 (shipment rejection)

If shipments or deliveries are rejected reasonably, KWOKWEI will arrange refund or product exchange. If products are in needs after refund, please re-issue PO through our website.

Article 14 (shipment arrival time)

Customers can choose a particular time slot for delivery; however, we will not guarantee the on-time-delivery. If customers must have to receive the products within their request time slot, please specify in the remarks when you make orders in our website or contact us individually.

Article 15 (advance order and reserved products)

Products of advance order or reserved items will be delivered after products arrived Hong Kong. Please be noted that the delivery schedule is just an estimated delivery schedule, not an exact delivery date. Actual delivery date is upon real situation.

Section 16 (consolidate shipments)

If there are reserved or to be arrival products in the same order, delivery will be made after all items are consolidated. KWOKWEI will not separate shipment. If customers would like to separate shipment, please issue separated orders.

Article 17 (out of stock, discontinued or out of print)

In case the supplier is out of stock or products are discontinued, etc., KWOKWEI will refund the products amount paid by customers. However, we will not bear any surcharges incurred by any of the transactions, such as PayPal or banking institutions extra charges.

Article 18 (personal information)

KWOKWEI collects personal information, including phone numbers, contact person and addresses, will be used for product purchasing and delivering only.

Article 19 (OUR rights)

KWOKWEI has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Article 20 (clauses)

Where these terms and conditions are also available in Chinese, the Chinese version is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the 2 versions, which does not include any oral or other written commitments.